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Anita☆ says...

[20220907] so many games... i will play them all ᕦ(ò_óˇ)


20230724: hello! added 5 new entries to the GAMELOG.

20230524: three new entries on the GAMELOG. blehh :P

20230503: new entries on the GAMELOG. i'm finally back on track!

20230426: added my playstation2 games to the GAMECOLLE.

20230425: woah! lots of new entries on the GAMELOG.

20230424: added new buttons to the LINKS page.

20230417: new games on the GAMELOG again woo.

20230412: new games on the GAMELOG.

20230411: revamped the ABOUT page.

20230301: sorry for the lack of updates! updated the GAMELOG and the GAMECOLLE.

20230131: updated GAMELOG.

20230113: happy new year! added the last four 2022 GAMELOG entries.

20230123: added page for 2023 GAMELOG with three entries.

20221220: added two GAMELOG entries and a new subpage for the GAMECOLLE.

20221202: very wip version of GAMECOLLE is live.

20221129: added two GAMELOG entries. working on a new page, fun!

20221115: added LINKS page.

20221111: 6 new entries added to the GAMELOG.

20221015: 8 new entries added to the GAMELOG. i still have to finish the LINKS page but i'm lazy, sorry!

20220928: another 3 new entries added to the GAMELOG.

20220907: added 3 new entries to the GAMELOG.

20220828: not super happy with it but ABOUT page is done.

20220817: created the new GAMELOG!

20220711: homepage is up.


add iframe with last update to every page

swap YouTube embeds for custom player

code new pages

finish basic COLLECTION layout

export missing pages from FAIYUBU's Page

some elements from the sidebars don't look right in other browsers so gotta fix that!

create basic layout!