GAMERA was created in summer '22 as Anita☆'s new personal website, after having maintained faiyubu's page on Neocities for about three years. Aesthetic tastes had changed and coding skills were improved, thus giving birth to GAMERA.

The meaning of this site is to provide a personal space where the webmistress can improve her coding and share her interests with the world. GAMERA is currently being worked on so expect many bugs and broken links, but do keep an eye on updates for new stuff! This website does not work properly on mobile and it also uses some non-essential JavaScript. Please enjoy your stay here~!

Why GAMERA? "I like Gamera. I think he's very kind" -Anita☆. This website is not related in any official capacity to the Gamera franchise or to Kadokawa Daiei Studio.

About the webmistress

Hello! This is Anita☆ speaking. I was born in 1999 and my heart has stayed there ever since. I'm also the webmistress of this website! I speak English and Spanish. I really like videogames so expect a lot of gaming thoughts. I'm super into game design and game history too! I tend to slack off a lot so it's not like I put much of the stuff I learn into practise... But I hope I can change that soon!! My purpose in life is to beat every videogame ever made so please follow my journey in the gamelog. I love games with unique systems and mechanics whether they're good or bad, so feel free to recommend me
those! My hobbies outside of videogame stuff include organising my
digital music library, collecting media and figures, wearing cute
clothes, taking care of my Tamagotchi and watching idol lives.

some extra info. . .

☆ Favourite videogames: Rez, L.O.L.: Lack of Love, NiGHTS into Dreams..., Doom, Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere, Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, Hotline Miami, Cosmology of Kyoto, Katamari Damacy, Mad Panic Coaster, DoDonPachi, killer7... 2many2list
☆ Favourite comics: Helter Skelter, Gakuen Alice
☆ Favourite shows: Ping Pong: The Animation, Metalocalypse
☆ Favourite films: Evil Dead II, Perfect Blue, Sunset Boulevard, The Princess Bride, Gamera 2: Attack of Legion, Big Trouble in Little China
☆ Favourite artists: Towa Tei, Bleach03, The Beatles, Pizzicato Five, Boredoms, Talking Heads, Plus-Tech Squeeze Box, Cibo Matto, Yellow Magic Orchestra, Denki Groove, TLC, SOPHIE, Sa Dingding, Jun Togawa, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Azealia Banks, Kittie, Death Grips, OOIOO, Akina Nakamori, Fishmans
☆ Favourite idol acts: DAIDAIDAI, Nemlesss, Perfume, Migma Shelter, 1st generation BiS, early H!P (mainly Morning Musume/Minimoni/W), D&D, BPM15Q/CY8ER, Saint Four, Seireki13ya, KOTO, You'll Melt More!, Dempagumi.inc, dotstokyo/RAY, Terashima Yufu, Chiyono Ide/3776, Shiina Pikarin, The World Standard, Haruko Momoi, Philosophy no Dance, femme fatale. Too many idols!
☆ Favourite characters: GAMERA, Miles "Tails" Prower, Kerokerokeroppi
☆ Favourite animal: turtle